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Corrupt Traffice Police
Posted by :(Identity Hidden) Level :locality (vadodara, Vadodara, Gujarat ) Type :personal Issue Category :Corruption

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Traffic police pull my bike from parking zone near chakli circle on 10.03.15. When I reached at sayajigunj to take my bike. Traffice policeman asked me for licence I shown him. After he asked me for RC book. I told him it is not with me right here. So he told to pay Rs. 300. When I paid Rs. 300 but he gave me receipt of Rs.100 only. When I asked reason for this he said me you want bike or not? See the attached photo of that corrupted traffic policeman. Please take action against him.
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Lazy processing

By : Sunil Malhotra  |  1492 Days ago   |  0 0

Lazy processing or action against crime is the main cause of corruption.
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